Aftercare Instructions
Day 1 Immediately following procedure

◙ Gently wipe your lips with the antibacterial wipes you are given 15 minutes after the procedure. Repeat after 30 minutes and 60 minutes have passed.
◙ After you're done wiping your lips start applying ointment you are given.
◙ Avoid hot/cold food or drinks on your lips
◙ Drink using straw
◙ No kissing until all scabs are off (approximately 3-5 days)

Days 2-10

◙ Avoid applying cleanser to treated area
◙ Avoid activities that will cause you to sweat
◙ No facials,sauna,swimming,tanning (30 days for best results)
◙ No makeup on treated area
◙ If you plan to be in the sun wear a hat
◙ Wear sunscreen at all times when in the sun after the area is fully healed to avoid faster fading and color changing
◙ When itchy do not scratch

Lip blushing may cause a flare up of cold sores/fever blisters usually in those who had it in the past. Simply start taking cold sore medication

Full Results will be 30 days after touch up
Touch up is a MUST to complete the procedure !
After first procedure the color implanted to your lips will look light. After touch up the color will be more visible and bright.
For darker skin clients 3 session is needed !

Permanent makeup cosmetic is always a two step process (in some cases 3rd procedure is needed) and not one. After primary session the procedure is not complete! You will need to come back for a touch up to finish you're permanent makeup.
A touch up after the initial appointment is done in 4-7 weeks time frame, and no earlier then 4 weeks. Touch ups that are done after 8 weeks will have a higher price depending on work that needs to be done.

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