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2 hrs
Microblading is done by creating strokes that mimic the hairs in your brows. Ideal for dry skin type
Combo Brows
2.5 hrs
Combo brows is a combination of microblading and shading (strokes and powder). Ideal for all skin types
Ombre Powder Brows
3 hrs
Ombre Powder Brows is the most popular look. It can be made to look natural or more of a glam makeup look. Ideal for all skin types
Lip Blush
3-4 hrs
Lip Blush is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattoo makeup. It gives definition and tint to your lips
Shaded Lash Enhancement
4 hrs
Shaded Lash Enhancement unlike regular Lash Enhancement involves placing ink not only across the lash line but also fading out further up on the eyelid with soft gradient that gives the eves more definition without appearing like you are wearing makeup
Velvet Eyeliner
4 hrs
Velvet Eyeliner is a very delicate shaded liner
Classic Eyeliner
3.5 - 4 hrs
Touch Up
1.5 - 3 hrs
A primary touch up for permanent makeup is 4-7 weeks. Returning clients only
Touch Up after 8 weeks
1.5 - 3 hrs
$250 - 450
Touch Up after 8 weeks. Pricing depends on work that needs to be done. Returning clients only
Eyebrows, Lips Tattoo Removal
30 min
Laser Tattoo Removal
A laser emits short pulses of light energy into your tattoo. The ink particles in your skin absorb the wavelengths of the laser and shatter the ink particles. With each treatment, the ink particles break down further and further until they are gone

Solution Tattoo Removal
Is a method of removing pigment from the skin using a special solution. A sterile, disposable tool is used to deposit the solution into the skin. This solution binds to the pigments, breaks them down and draws them out of the skin. Depends on the case multiple sessions needed

Color Correction
Correcting cool grey eyebrows and making them warm or making orange warm eyebrows more cool shade and natural. Its done with both laser or solution
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