Aftercare Instructions

Day 1 Immediately following procedure

◙ Gently wipe the treated area with the antibacterial wipes you are given every 15 minutes for 1 hour, then every 30 min for another hour
◙ Before bed gently rinse treated area with soap and cold water without rubbing. Pat dry. Apply a tiny amount of ointment on each brow

Days 2-10

◙ Every night before bed apply a tiny amount of ointment on each brow until all the scabs fall off
◙ Avoid getting treated area wet or soaked
◙ Avoid sleeping face down until all scabs are gone!
◙ Avoid applying cleanser and moisturizer to treated area
◙ Avoid activities that will cause you to sweat
◙ No facials,sauna,swimming,tanning for 30 days
◙ No makeup on treated area until all scabs are gone
◙ If you plan to be in the sun wear a hat
◙ Wear sunscreen at all times when in the sun after the area is fully healed (after 30 days) to avoid faster fading and color changing
◙ When itchy do not scratch

Full Results will be 30 days after touch up
Touch up is a MUST to complete the procedure !
After first procedure the color implanted will look light. After touch up the color will be more visible and bright.

Permanent makeup cosmetic is a two step process (in some cases 3rd procedure is needed) and not one. After primary session the procedure is not complete! You will need to come back for a touch up to finish you're permanent makeup.
A touch up after the initial appointment is done in 4-7 weeks time frame, ( 6-7 weeks for microblading and combo brows ) and no earlier then 4 weeks. Touch ups that are done after 8 weeks will have a higher price depending on work that needs to be done.

Healing Stage

It's very important to be familiar with the healing process

Day 1
◙ Right after the procedure, most likely, you might think that the treated area is a little too dark/intense. This is totally normal. Once the area is fully healed (28-35 days) the color will become 30-50% lighter.

Day 2-3
◙ Over the next couple of days it will become even darker, until scabs form and start to fall off.

Day 4-8
◙ After you see the scabs form and fall off it will start looking patchy. This is not a good look, I know! But remember, it is VERY important not to peel the scabs or get them soaked as it may cause uneven healing or even scars! Do not use makeup to cover the patchy spots as you will irritate the scabs and get the area wet when trying to clean off your makeup afterwords. Makeup can be only used when the scabs are completely gone.

Days 9-35
◙ After all the scabs are completely gone, the color will look very light and not so pretty. You might think there's no color left. That's how it supposed to look! The color will eventually start to become darker and look nicer.

After 35 days
◙ The treated area is now healed and ready for a touch up. Remember the initial procedure is only 50% of the whole process. The other 50% is touching up. At the touch up appointment, we can correct the shape, color and any other details. After the touch up the color will become more intense comparing to initial procedure.

The initial procedure is only the base for the whole process. We will only see the final picture after the touch up is completely healed! In rare cases a second touch up is needed to reach a desired look.
Please be patient with the healing process.
A touch up can be done no earlier than 30 days and for microblading no earlier than 6 weeks.

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